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Report Volunteer Hours

Note: The 2023-2024 Volunteer Hours and Description fields on the CPCC Website Member Info tab are no longer utilized. Any data from those fields has been incorporated into the new volunteer hours data repository. As of January 7, 2024 Members will receive periodic email communications informing them of hours reported by them or on their behalf
 Volunteer Hours Reporting Period

Volunteer Hours reported between May 1, 2023 and April 30, 2024 will be credited to the member's account for the 2023-2024 curling season. Volunteer hours reported after April 30th will be credited towards the member's account in the subsequent year.


Reporting an individual’s volunteer activity via a Google Form:

Please Note: You can only submit one activity per form, however if you have multiple items you wish to report you can:

  1. submit a separate form for each activity or
  2. submit one summarized item with the total hours reported. e.g. Membership Committee meetings October thru December - 12 hours

To access the form click on the following link: 

Individual Volunteer Hours Report Form

Reporting multiple volunteer activities for an individual or multiple individuals using a Batch Report:

Please Note: This process can be done by:

  1. an individual for entering multiple volunteering activities spanning any date range or
  2. an event convenor/work coordinator reporting all volunteers and activities for a specific event

Click on the following link to download or open a worksheet on your local device. 

Batch Volunteer Hours Report Template

You can use Excel or Google Sheets to fill out the fields and save a local copy on your device with your name and date in the file. (eg: Batch Volunteer Hours Report JDoe 231225).

Attach this file to an email and send as follows:

  1. Event Convenor’s should send their batch report to: events@cpcurling .ca
  2. All other batch reports should be sent to: volunteers@cpcurling .ca 


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The Carleton Place Curling Club offers 4 professionally groomed sheets that have been engineered with modern equipment such as rink heaters, dehumidifiers, de-ionized water and good lighting all to ensure the best curling experience possible. It also has a large, well equipped lounge (Bar and Kitchen) to offer a relaxing area to sit and chat, for parties or even for rentals.
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